Selfie Bag Review

Do you wish for a bag that could have your kit to make Tiktoks or Instagram posts ready to hand with minimal fuss? This is where the Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co. comes into your life.

I was contacted by Cotton Bag Co. to review the Selfie Bag and show what it does as well as what it comes with.

This bag retails for £27.95, and is available through the Cotton Bag Co. website.

Read on to find out everything that’s included!

The first thing I noticed when I unpacked the bag was the thick quality of the canvas bag, and the fact it has a zip! I am a tote bag lover, as they’re convenient, eco friendly, and you get to match them with what your wearing. One of my biggest pet peeves with them is the lack of zips, however, this zip feels safe enough to contain my belongings without the thought of a pick pocket helping themselves to my technology. So well done for making myself and belongings feel a bit safer Cotton Bag Co.!

Included in the bag is:

X1 clip on phone selfie light with 3 settings (and small USB cable to recharge)

X1 adjustable tripod (landscape mode only)

X1 blue tooth clicker (which slots into the tripod)

X1 reflector

X1 tote bag with zip.

The size of the items make it feels like you carry a lot less, and it’s worth keeping the items in their packaging to ensure they stay safe.

The light is perfect for if you want to take a selfie on the go, or even a close up video. It improves camera quality, isn’t too bright where you feel like you can’t look into the lens, and also fits on the back the opposite way for back camera usage.

The tripod is where I felt that it limited the use, as it’s the perfect size for creating content, however, it only allows you to record landscape which makes creating standardized content that fits to the ratio that Instagram and tiktok should be. The clicker however, makes up for this as you can lean your phone against something and click to start recording.

The next item included is the reflector which does a massive difference if you don’t fancy using the ring light but would rather use natural lighting to bring light to a photo. It’s the perfect size for taking pictures of your face or close up makeup images using natural light. Open, the size is just slightly bigger than the tote bag its self.

Overall, I am very pleased I had a chance to review this bag as it’s quite handy and has been to create content. I’d recommend this bag for beginner influencers or even content creators who want a quick and easy bag to pull before creating content. It has plenty of room for small camera equipment, as well as any battery packs you may need to charge your phone or the light on the go.

You can purchase your Selfie Bag here. Cotton Bag Co also stock a wide range of other Canvas bags which you can also see here.

This post contains items that were sent in PR and opinion has been honest and truthful.

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