LaRoc Paradise Palette Review

As a makeup artist I’m always looking out for the latest trends and palettes to get my creative juices flowing. Last week I was contacted and sent a palette by LaRoc Cosmetics to review.

I chose their collaboration palette with influencer Saskia called the Paradise Palette which has the most beautiful colours and thought it would be perfect to add some colour to my look.

Read on to see some swatches and see how I got on with the palette.

I was blown away at the colours when I opened the Palette. The size is quite large, so if you’re looking for a smaller palette this may not be the one for you, however I can look past that as the colours are outstanding

My concern and curiosity with this palette was with the pastel colours and wondering how they’d perform, as my experience with other brands and pastel tones has been very disappointing. However, these are the most buttery textures for these type of tones I’ve come across. Fall out is quite intense, but this is nothing a wipe or a strong tap of a brush can’t solve.

The shimmer shades took a little getting used to, they can’t be picked up with a brush easily, the most trouble I had was with the tone “pink sands” as it would look as though it was being picked up, but would drop off the brush. These are best applied with a finger and when applied correctly live the most gorgeous lustre to the look.

Here are a few swatches applied with dry fingers to show texture differences, the brights apply so smoothly where as the deeper tones do need to be built up. As an artist that isn’t a huge issue for me as I prefer a deeper colour to be built up than apply to dark from the get go.

Here I have used Marina and Curaçao on the eye with bit of Cheeky Tiki on the inner corner to brighten the look up on a graphic liner look.

I’ve really enjoyed this palette and would purchase more if I ever saw them as I’ve been really impressed with it’s performance. If you’d like to grab one, you can visit LaRocs website here!

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