Femmelux clothing haul

Femmelux contacted me again to do a piece on their clothing available to spring so I happily accepted as I’ve really enjoyed bringing you clothing posts to showcase what they have for a fuller figure from their website!

Femmeluxe is a fashion brand and website that caters to sizes XS-XL selling a range of clothing such as lounge wear, party dresses, every day dresses, active wear and coats.

This time I went for a more practical approach and picked lounge wear and some pieces to have ready in time for places to open up post covid. Take a look and see what I got below.

Firstly I got an oversized jumper and jogger set in my favourite tone, black. I wanted to see how this was different to a coord I have had from them before. It is incredibly comfortable, usually opting not to have cuffed bottoms I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I like these. They feel thick and warm so perfect for spring time walks or even the gym if I want to wear something a little thicker.

Size worn is XL

Next I went for this corset top, which is a little on the thin side however it’s perfect for layering. I usually layer up two or three items so having this a little thinner doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The clasps are easy to do up and even looks great on its own. I’ve paired it with the bottoms I received in the coord above.

Size worn is 14

Next is this white top which unfortunately, didn’t fit properly, however that didn’t stop me from making it work. I have worn this as a layered top over the corset paired with a belt and it looks great, and feels great as an open, almost bolero jacket. Eventually I may fit into this, but for now it’s great as a light weight open jacket. It would be a lovely top paired with a skirt, jeans, or even leggings.

Size worn is 14

I’ve really enjoyed wearing and owning Femmelux clothing, their quality is great for the prices and can suit anyone’s style. Take a look at their website for more of their clothing and see if anything takes your fancy!

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