YSL Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer

I’m not a fan of silicone based primers, however I thought I would give this a try as I received it as part of a try me bag through my work.

I’ve never got on with silicone primers, mainly as it clogs my pores resulting in breakouts, slides my makeup around in oily places and just makes my makeup sit very poorly. However, I love trying things and being proved wrong and finding new things to use.

This primer retails for £32 for 30ml, comes in a glass bottle with gold lid which sits very nicely next to other YSL products.

As primers go, it claims it can do all the standard stuff, such as blur skin and imperfections, make makeup adhere to the skin better, evens out skin and this one in particular gives a radiant finish, which you can see from the bottle contains glitter particles. It boasts it’s an easy to use gel formula.

The main ingredients I can see are Dimethicone and Crosspolymer, which Dimethicone being a plastic based silicone, and Crosspolymer being a silicone derivative which helps the condition of the skin, in this case being there to stop clogging and smooth texture. There’s also other great ingredients in this, such as Raisin Bran Oil which keeps skin supple and smooth, Apricot Kernel Oil, to brighten and illuminate the skin and Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil which helps balance the skin.

The texture its self is very lightweight, almost like a whipped version of a silicone primer but a lot thinner than the likes of Porefessional by Benefit. With Porefessional it’s best to roll into the skin and into the pores but with the Touche Eclat Blur Primer, you can blend into the skin.

While applying this literally melts into the skin and feels very lightweight, almost refreshing. I wasn’t a fan of the glitter inside and it does disappear once foundation is on top, so if you did want the illuminating properties from this it’s probably best to wear with a tinted moisturizer or on its own which is also something you can do to this to get airbrushed skin.

While wearing I did find in my oily areas it kept the oil away and texture around my cheeks did appear smoother, especially in areas that had scarring. Throughout the weeks wearing it, I didn’t find my skin clogging or starting to break out. I wore this with mattifying foundations as well as hydrating foundations and it worked surprising well for both types.

Overall I was really impressed with this primer. I wouldn’t rush to buy it, but I would repurchase along the way if I needed a primer that blurred and made my skin smoother. I’d recommend this for all skin types however be caution wearing it if you have sensitive skin, if it worked for me it may not work for you if you’re prone to breakouts. YSL counters are very good for letting you try things before you buy, so visit a counter and have a feel of it before committing.

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