The Body Shop relaunch Cardiff

I was invited to the Body Shop Relaunch event with my friend Abbie to see how the shop looks now it’s had a makeover. It’s found inside St David’s Cardiff opposite the escalators that lead into St David’s 2. The Body Shop is all about being sustainable and eco friendly, so this was factored into its new and improved store.

The store even before entering looked a lot more open, brighter, and spacious. Read below to see how we both got on!

Straight off the bat the layout and feel of the store definitely has a brighter, cleaner, and more natural feeling, with the store decorated in movable fixtures and fittings, real plants, and wooden tables. In the centre of the store there’s a giant wash basin which gives you a chance to try body products and lotions in store in a fuss free way.

I was wowed with how many products here, which were in stock before but we’re layed out in a cleaner way where everything is easy to find and see. There’s plenty of testers, but make sure you ask the staff before trying to they can be used in a sanitary way.

The makeup station is in the middle of the store, which had a wide range of foundation tones and plenty of colour products. Everything is clearly labeled so you know what ingredients are in the products, and everything is available to try beforehand.

Another great station in the store is the refillable station. You can purchase bottles that you can take back to store and refill with your favourite products for a fraction of the price, and you also do your bit for the planet purchasing this way!

They also had an inspirational wall where you could write messages and stick them to the wall. This is a great part of the store as it really helps you spread some positivity to the community.

At the end of my visit I purchased a room oil and small chamomile cleanser. The store had an offer on that if you spent a certain amount you could get a goody bag, as well as recieving a goody bag for visiting the store on this day so it gave me plenty of things to try! It has been a while since I purchased body shop products as I used to love their seaweed range, but this has made me love their products again. This gave me a chance to try their Drops of Youth exfoliator too as it’s been on my list for a while but haven’t gotten around to trying it.

If you want a pressure free and sensory product experience, I’d definitely visit the store! The staff were helpful and friendly and answered any questions that we had on the day and gave us a great tour of the stores services. If you’re in the area pop in and see how the store looks and feels compared to their old store!

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