Michael Kors Spring Summer s/s 2014 Makeup Review!

After being invited along to the Lauder blogger’s event I was sent some Michael Kors makeup to test and review for my blog. This has taken a little longer to review as I have never tried out Kors products and I wanted to get a fuller view of how their products last on the skin, and I’m also at the end of my 1st year Art university course so I have been extremely busy!

I was randomly sent a bronzer, two nail polishes, a lipstick, fragrance, and lipgloss to try!

Each collection is split into three, for a day time look, mid day, and evening. I was sent a selection of each collection!


Time trialed = 1 Month

My overall feelings on this collection are mixed. I found the consistency of pigments and longevity of the products were not consistent and often did not feel like a luxury product. Let me explain by product.

Lipstick: £23, Shade: Sporty / Diva.

Firstly I must express the worry about the packaging for this one. For me it did not feel as luxurious as, for example, YSL’s lipsticks and often felt light and quite cheap. The inside of the packet is all white rather than gold or black which did put me off and did not feel like a quality product in my hand.

On the lips I was a little disappointed. For £23 I would expect colour of come sort or some sort of natural lip boosting colour, but this lacked everything for me. It literally just felt like a lipbalm, which is already a product in this line. I do think they could have made a beige tone lipstick rather than a very very sheer one. It didn’t seem to have a long lasting staying power but with this colour it was hard to tell. Colour wasn’t really that buildable and with around 6-7 re applications to try and build colour it didn’t really make that much of a difference!

They did have other lovely colours with nice coverage so I do implore you to check those out and maybe skip this colour.


 Lip Swatch.

 Swatched x5 times on upper hand and once on lower.

Lipgloss: £21, Shade: Sexy – Siren.

Thankfully the texture and coverage of this product was lovely. The colour was rather unusual. A cool toned blue, almost iridescent, with gold glitter. Smooth on the lips and easy to apply. I did find that the opening of the lipgloss would take too much lipgloss off the wand so you would have to fight to get the colour but overall it’s a lovely colour and one to think about purchasing. The other colours in the collection are also quite unusual and are ones to look out for.

 Applicator of product

 Next to the lipsticks.

 Lip swatch.

Nail polishes: £15. Shades: Sexy 1 – Scandal (Pink) Sexy 2 – Sensation (Red)

Again my worry is with the packaging and the fact I am probably going to lose the caps! The idea is good with regards to how you hold the nail polish brush but I do feel like I’ve just disguised an Essie nail polish with a Micharl Kors cap. BUT I was actualy amazed at how long these stay on the nails, I do urge anyone who gets these to apply 2 coats because it stayed on my nails a good 3/4 days chip free! I tried it also with 1 coat and it did chip within a day, so definately worth the money! Personal favourite is  Scandal, it’s a gorgeous iridescent blue toned pink!

 Scandal / Sensation.

 Sensation / Scandal applied on natural nails

Price: £34, Shade: Sporty Glow.

I am not one for using bronzers but I was pleasantly surprised how much I wanted to use this just to even my tone and give a lovely glow to my makeup. It’s buildable which I loved and could be used for a highlight as well as all over. The other colours in the collection are all different so it’s worth picking one that suits your needs. Not one for contouring but definitely to finish makeup off!


You can purchase Michael Kors makeup from Central Pharmacy and House of Fraser and purchase the collection to suit your moods!

Overall definitely worth looking at these products and picking up a few as each collection is limited edition, but try before you buy as I feel there are some here that are worth passing.

Products in this post were sent for consideration and review, with honest reviews and untampered images. If you would like me to review products for you please email the address in the side bar!

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