L’oreal Christmas Ideas

During the Holiday Season it can be quite difficult to understand what to get our loved ones on a budget or find their favourite product L’oreal have kindly sent me a package to help you pick some presents, from stocking fillers to skincare addicts to help you pick Ajay they’ll love!

Post Contains PR Package of Christmas Gifts for your loved ones this Holiday Season – Opinions are my own.

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YSL Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss and Blush Swatches and Review!

Having recently purchased another colour for my Kiss and Blush collection I thought I’d do some swatches and review what colours I currently own and show this product to you all.

I currently own Shade 4 (Orange Fougueux) kiss and blush, Shade 3 (Rose Libre) Kiss and Blush and Shade 12 (Moca Carconne) Kiss and Blush, which is my newest addition. The formulas are designed to be used on the lips and cheeks and have a velvet smooth texture with a matte finish.

Price: £27

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YSL Yves Saint Laurent, Le Teint Encre De Peau, Fusion Ink Foundation Review!

So after receiving a sample and using it twice I thought I’d treat myself to the foundation when it was launched in Boots Cardiff. I  chose the colour BD40 which is slightly lighter than my skin tone, which is how I prefer my foundation to be, and managed to get £10 worth of points if I purchased another item which was silly to turn down.

I did like using the sample, however, upon using this foundation more I have mixed feelings on it. Why? Avoid if you have dry, flakey skin or are unable to exfoliate often.

Price: £30.50

Time Trialed: 3 weeks.

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YSL Yves Saint Laurent, Gloss Volupte Lip Gloss Review!

The new YSL Gloss Volupte lip gloss line is one word; Stunning. The packaging, feel, sent and lasting colour is amazing.

I picked up the shade 209 Smoking at work while waiting for a friend to purchase a lip gloss herself, this was an impulse buy but it is one that certainly is worth the money.

The idea with 3 of the lip glosses are to use them as topcoats to change the look of your lips or lipstick, the others in the collection you can use as stand alone lip glosses with gold shimmers or use them to enhance your lipsticks.

There are 23 shades in the collection.



Price: RRP £21.


Time Trailed: 2 days, one while out in the night and throughout the following day.


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