Erborian Korean Skin Therapy – First Impressions.

I was kindly contacted by Erborian a few weeks ago to give my thoughts on some of their best selling skincare and cosmetics.This is a brand that I have been wanting to try, however I do prefer to shop in person so I can feel and smell products before purchasing as textures and finishes do count towards my final purchases – something I am unable to do while online shopping.

When the box came to my door I was astounded by the quality of the box, packaging and the handwritten note in the box which was a lovely personal touch! The products selected were chosen by Erborian themselves as I told them I had acne prone 30+ skin, which was combination oily, but a dehydrated oily.

Below are my thoughts on the products I have received after trying them out for a few weeks.

I was sent the CC cream, BB cream, Milk and Peel Balm, and the Bamboo Cream Frappée to try.

CC cream: £19.50 for 30ML
The CC cream is a traditional CC cream which colour adjust to your skin tone, packed with great ingredients such as Tiger Grass, known for its soothing properties and SPF 25 for protection against UVA and UVB. It also has silica which smoothes the texture of the skin and non comedogenic, which is perfect for acne prone or sensitive skin.
This is best applied with hands in my opinion as it warms up to your skin and adjusts with you rubbing it into the skin. It does take longer to adjust with your fingers. It leaves the skin with a light coverage which is great for me as I love to add additional coverage with a powder or concealer.

BB Cream: £19.50 for 30ML
This one is a little more dense than the CC cream, and is more like a traditional beauty balm where it gives coverage, but still gives your skin the ingredients it needs. This had a slightly more matte finish than the CC cream, which can be changed with a dewy primer or a thicker moisturizer underneath. It has licorice and ginger which is anti inflammatory, ginseng to calm, sooth and firm skin, as well as SPF 20 which again, helps against UBA and UVB rays. I could feel this one a little more on my skin as it was a fuller coverage, but that feeling went away quite quickly once set.

CC cream on left, BB cream on right
Side By Side of the BB (left) and CC cream(right).

Bamboo Cream Frappée: £40 for 50ML
Lightweight, soothing and quickly absorbing, I was really impressed overall how this felt on my skin. This paired perfectly with the BB cream to glide onto the skin, and made my skin feel silky smooth without a greasy texture. The scent smells clean and fresh, and didn’t interfere with my usual primers and foundations, which some moisturizers can do. Its perfect if you’re after hydration without the glow or dewyness. This has Sodium Hyaluronate to hold moisture, Bamboo to help strengthen and smooth skin and a bunch of anti oxidants to soothe, smoothe, and repair skin.

Milk and Peel Balm: £26 for 75ML. Contains Sesame
This deep cleansing balm helps remove the days impurities using Licourice, Rosemary, and Chamomile to soothe the skin. This removed all makeup on the skin without it feeling sticky, tight, or over hydrated where if this happens, I often forget to moisturize after washing my face. This exfoliates gently with daily use, so if you have sensitive skin this is gentile enough to use without causing micro tears in the skin.

Overall my experience using these products would be described as fantastic. I haven’t not enjoyed using one of these products and they were worth the wait to try. If you’re in the UK you can purchase these products in Boots, or directly from Erborian themselves.
This post contains PR and all opinions are my own.


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