Revisited: NYX Lip Lingerie

I’ve recently been using up some old bits of makeup and revisiting some cult classics I have purchased from the influence of others or just from curiosity. Remember when everyone went crazy over Nyx Lip Lingerie? When no one knew how to pronounce lingerie, or knew it was a french word for underwear? How they were a dead ringer for some Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits, and everyone would suck shot glasses to get big, voluptuous lips? Today, we are revisiting that, minus triple the size lips or getting bruises from shot glasses.

You can still purchase these for £7!
Read on to see why everyone wanted these lipsticks and hear my thoughts!

Cheeky named lipsticks after lingerie, bedroom antics and nudity, these were probably in your collection at one point when matte lipsticks were a go to for your every day look, and at a low cost you probably got a few colours. Colours were generally nude, because at the time, it was all about that matte nude big lip and a pretty neutral eye and lashes. The Lip Lingerie shades have had an extension since 4 years ago and now have a massive 24 shades, from pale nudes, to almost olive browns.
In my collection, I have:

01, Honeymoon, a soft brown.

06. Push Up, a pale peach.

09. Corset, a grey toned nude.

12. Exotic, a wearable red.

13. Scandalous, a greige.


While the formula is matte, they do contain sunflower oil and mineral oil. Mineral oil is pretty similar in effect to what petroleum does to the lips. It traps and essentially suffocates the skin and doesn’t let the skin breathe, which is why your lips may have felt dry while wearing these and the reason these have sat at the back of your drawer, although, I never found that my lips were too dry wearing these and I would wear these 8 hours and reapplying once during my shifts on counter. If applied thinly, they dry matte and are relatively smudge proof. It also contains Vitamin E, which protects the lips against free radicals but gives back a little nourishment to where you apply it.

The applicator is just your standard doe foot, applies lipstick like these pretty easily and smoothly. As for application and pigmentation, the darker shades did need two sweeps of colour to come out opaquely, while lighter colours went on well first try.

So what do I do with these now I have re found them? I have started wearing these as a quick colour to the lips on days where I can’t decide on what nude to wear as they are now in my vanity pot. I also like to put a little in with a cream lipstick for an ombre effect to my lips.

Would I rebuy? I mean, I think other brands such as Jeffree Star, ABH, Pixi and Lime Crime have overtaken these as my go to for liquid lipsticks now, so unless there was a colour I thought I couldn’t mix or wanted to rebuy but try in this formula, I probably wouldn’t repurchase. They are great if you are looking for drug store versions or dupes for higher end brands, so invest in these and prep your lip with a lip liner first or some lip srub and balm and give these a go!


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