Happy National Lipstick Day!

Today is National Lipstick day and I thought I’d share some of my favourite lipsticks. I’ve chosen lower end and high end lipsticks that are my current and past favourites. Take a look at what I’ve chosen for my favourite Pastel, Classic Red, Non wearable, Nude, budget and lip balm.

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Unite 7 Seconds Condition review.

Before receiving this product I rarely used conditioners as they often make my hair feel greasy and flat after a day. I haven’t thought about using a leave in conditioner as a substitute so I was keen on trying this product.

Having coloured hair I should ideally be using some sort of conditioner, and my hair is naturally wavy, so as you can imagine it does get tangled and is hard to brush.

Unite 7 seconds conditioner leave in detangler bottle


Time Trialled: 3 Months

Price: £16.90 Directly from Unite Hair

Unite’s products are not tested on animals and the product smells fresh and clean. The consistency is quite light weight and comes out as a mist which is absorbed into the hair quickly. It instantly feels soft and doesn’t have a sticky residue or texture. It can also be used as a heat protector for hot hair tools and is a UV protector.

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I’m back!

Hey everyone!

I decided to have a shirt hiatus from the blogging world. So what happened while I was away?

I decided to take a break after becoming very ill on and after my Birthday. I spent in London for my Birthday, then after my Birthday I was struck with the flu followed by a winter cold, which led me to miss lots of blogging opportunities and events. With my work and university work on top of this I decided to take a short break to clear my mind and get better, which has helped me a lot! This week I headed back to london with my University to visit some art galleries and museums, did a little shopping at my usual shops then headed back to wet and windy Wales.

Here is some of what has been going on in my life in pictures…

 I was lucky enough to see some amazing works in the Tate, Victoria and Albert Museum and even spotted some Moschino jewellery on show.



For my birthday I stayed in London, went shopping and did general tourist things such as visit Madame Tussauds.



 At the moment in University I’m doing printing which is a lot of hard work, I’m creating woodcut pieces, hand painted screen prints and etching plates. We’re creating these with the human body as a theme, it’s time consuming but knowing its hand made is rewarding once you see the work finished.

Before I got ill, I was able to go to the Student Lock in in Cardiff, which was a lot of fun but very busy! I was invited to attend by Superdrug to see what they had to offer on the night and what kind of Christmas gifts they had in store.

Starting from this week I’ll be blogging again about make up beauty and life in general. Apologies for the lack of posts everyone!


YSL Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss and Blush Swatches and Review!

Having recently purchased another colour for my Kiss and Blush collection I thought I’d do some swatches and review what colours I currently own and show this product to you all.

I currently own Shade 4 (Orange Fougueux) kiss and blush, Shade 3 (Rose Libre) Kiss and Blush and Shade 12 (Moca Carconne) Kiss and Blush, which is my newest addition. The formulas are designed to be used on the lips and cheeks and have a velvet smooth texture with a matte finish.

Price: £27

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Rimmel London UK Wonder’full Mascara review!

Infused with Argon Oil this mascara claims to protect and condition lashes while giving clump free length and volume with it’s plastic short bristled brush. I purchased this mascara while on it’s introductory offer in Boots Cardiff.

The packaging was the first thing I liked with this product as it does have a higher end feel to it. I’m finding this a lot lately with drug store brands that they are definitely upping their game with their packaging and look to become more luxury looking.

Price: £5.99: Now £7.99

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NARS Taj Mahal Review!

Long overdue review on one of the most flattering blushers around, Taj Mahal by NARS. I can vividly remember purchasing this blusher and the first time I saw it. My instant reaction, “Who would even want an orange blusher?” and upon application was swiftly followed by “Oh, I guess that would be me.”

Highly pigmented, NARS blushers rarely disappoint, this blush is a vivid orange that turns slightly more red once applied to the skin, with a beautiful tone complimenting gold sheen.

Time trialled: Year and a half.

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L’Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara Violet Review!

I was a bit skeptical about trying a new mascara but I did need a new every day mascara, as personally my usual mascara is a little too full volume for every day wear. I decided to try the new L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara in Violet for a change, and I got it at the introductory price of £5.99.


                     “Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara creates bold volume 

                         with L’Oreal Paris’ first 360° flexible cone shaped brush that amplifies upper lashes and reveals lower lashes.”


With it’s interesting brush shape and advertisement I grabbed one to try.


Price: £5.99 (£8.99 RRP)

Time trialed: 4 weeks.

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