Korean Skincare and makeup Haul at TK Maxx Cardiff.

At the moment TK Maxx have some promotions going on some Korean Skincare and Beauty items in their store in Cardiff.

Sadly I’m living on a tight budget as it’s nearing the end of the month, however I picked up a few items to try as I’ve always wanted to try some Korean skincare. When it comes to skincare, Asians have it mastered.

At the moment TK Maxx are offering hair masks and face masks, face washes, skin cream, snail gel, products infused with gold or pearl, and a bunch of makeup.

I limited myself to £25 and bought just under that amount. I purchased two boxes of face masks, a lip tint, and a blusher. The blusher was the only item purchased that wasn’t Korean. I just simply couldn’t leave a Tarina Tarantino product behind!

Korean TKMAXX Products

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