Where on earth have I been?!

I thought I’d update you all on where I have been hiding over the past few months and why my blog has kind of shrivelled up and ran into the darkest corner of the room.

I am now a BA graduate with an Art Practice degree. Woo hoo! This means I can move on to become an art teacher or free lance my art or…that’s about it. Looking back, I wish I did a more challenging course like Law, or Psychology as I probably would have paid more attention to my studies and enjoyed my university life more, however, life is full of turns and surprises and I regret nothing.

I took the plunge and changed my job. This was the biggest change for me. I live with really bad anxiety and depression, so change for me is a big thing that panics me and makes my head question my decisions. I was with Smashbox Cosmetics for 3 years and I learnt a lot of great things, but restrictions happened with regards to my blogging life that led me to want to change my job and be a little more free with my decisions outside of work. One of the main reasons why I created my blog was to help me structure my life, network with others, become more outgoing, attend events and talk to people I haven’t met before. It’s helped me grow and become more confident. I felt that when I was told I could not blog anymore a big part of me was lost. Couple of months down the line, I applied for a position on NYX cosmetics and got the job! It’s such a fast growing company and it’s so exciting to work for them. They recently took us to London to watch the Face Awards and attend the after party, which I will certainly write about in a couple of days, and that experience alone was worth changing my job for! Hopefully this decision lets me branch out to do other things like Youtube, if I can get over my horrendous accent, more tutorials and more posts on my blog and even move up the career path!

At the start of July I also moved home, it’s only a couple of streets over from where I was last year but it was so stressful this time around, hopefully I’ll be staying here for more than a year. Since moving to Cardiff I have moved every year for 6 years and every time is more and more stressful because I am the worlds worst hoarder and the amount of junk I own is insane. Who do you know who owns an original Orange pay and go black and white texting phone manual? Me. Why do I own it? God knows but I’m not in a rush to throw it out!

Moving forward this means I’m alive online again (minus Facebook because I’ve been Facebook free for almost 2 months now and it’s bizarrely great), I’m going to be more active again, and I’m going to moan about makeup working or not working more often!

Ciao for now!


Follow the fun on my Instagram!

I’m setting myself a makeup challenge to do 100 looks which are all different and inspired by different things. They won’t be every day, but I’m going to try and be as active as possible! So far I’m on day 3, and I’m getting inspired by colours. I’ve done a dramatic, basic and cut crease look so far. I’m going to look at my favourite artists, inspiration from my room and life, other people and try and get back into some special effects stuff too. Why not join in with the fun and follow my Instagram to see regular looks!

Follow my Instagram here: @SindyydollUK

Here are the 3 I have done so far over the past few days.

red eyeshadow instagram challenge

Day 1 was inspired by red, all contouring and brows were done with shades of red also.

instagram makeup challenge yellow eyeshadow

Day 2 was yellow, so I thought I’d do a wearable yellow look as I had places to go and things to do.

green eyeshadow make up challenge

Day 3 was Green, so I decided to do a harsh cut crease with black liner, and green highlight on my cheek.

So far I’m finding it really fun to do and it has helped me improve. I have already speeded up my brow routine and base from these three days of doing it! Wonder what is in store next!

How to: Eyeliner

A question I get asked very often is how do I apply eye liner. The easiest answer I can give anyone is practice a lot. Get a cheap eye liner and practice by applying then removing. Repeat until you get the hang of it.

When I started trying out eye liners, I bought a Collection (2000) eye liner and sat down for a good 2 hours just applying different thicknesses and ways. Along my make up journey I have found, for myself, that applying eye liner with my eye open and looking down slightly in a mirror is the most effective method. Below are mini tutorials for two of the quickest ways I have found to do eye liner. One using freehand, and one using tape and finishing off with concealer.

For this tutorial I’ll be using a gel liner and a nail art brush, as they’re thin and can pick up product smoothly. For me, gel is smooth, easy to remove, usually water proof and if you want to blend out to create a smoky look or drag the eye liner across the eye it’s easiest with this type of liner. It’s very versatile for your unique looks and also can be used in the waterline and to tightline.

Eye liner done with tape and gel liner.
Eye liner done with tape and gel liner.

Give them both a go and let me know how you get on!

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Worst Products I have bought – Part 1

As I’m moving house in a couple of weeks I’m starting to de-clutter my life starting with my biggest collection, my makeup drawers and bags. So I thought while I’m throwing things out I’d document the products I’ve barely touched and why I’ve never used them before giving them the chop.

These opinions and views are my own, and based on how they work on my own skin. My opinions in this blog post do not reflect other products in the lines of these companies, and were purchased with my own money.


worst beauty products

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My little trip to London…

As part of my university course I was meant to go on a trip to London this week to look at galleries, but the trip fell through last minute. I purchased tickets to see Trixie Mattel to coincide with my trip so I booked a hotel and got myself to London to do some shopping and to see the Queen. My trip included visits to Camden, Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Tottenham Court Road.

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#HillarysCrafternoon Craft Afternoon!

On the first of March I was invited to attend an afternoon with JoeBloggers, The Crafty Hen and Hillarys to learn how to create some exciting crafts using Hillarys blind fabric.

I was excited to try something different and go to an event that was a change from beauty blogging and it was a refreshing afternoon to create something that I could use and take home!

This event was held in Chapter Arts in Canton, Cardiff. I’d never been before but the building was beautiful and I had a shock to see how big the building actually was. If you haven’t been here please do check it out, it hosts some local talent and live acts.

During the day, we created a book cover, and a fabric bird.


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Kaspa’s Desserts Cardiff!

Yesterday I decided to visit Kaspa Cardiff that my friends have all been raving about! I was excited to see what all the fuss was about and how it looked inside.
Kaspa’s are known for their large deserts, and their menu includes waffles, crepes, sundaes, milkshakes, soda floats and smoothies. When I entered the building the air smelt sweet and there was a large queue with a 30 minute wait, which I did not mind as I love my food. The look of the place looked a lot like if Eds diner met a night club. It is beautiful.

Kaspa’s Cardiff. (Img; @Kaspasdesserts)


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