I heart revolution Heartbreakers Lucky Palette review

I’ve been having a massive makeup clear out during lockdown and have donated or given away items I haven’t used or gently used. My collection had a lot of nudes or same colour stories so it’s time to revamp and add additional colours and products I don’t have.

I realized I lacked green eyeshadows, and for my complexion and eye colour I adore greens, especially mixed with golds and plums. I had a quick browse in Superdrug and found this cute palette for just £5, and having some Revolution / I heart Revolution makeup previously I picked it up.

This is the lucky Palette from their Heartbreaker line, which consists of tones of green and pops of colour which complement each other.


See below what I thought of this palette!

Price: £5

Available from: Superdrug, Revolution

I was instantly attracted to shade 4, and the metallic shades 6 and 9, as I love a frosted or metallic for my inner corner to layer colours on. Metallic colours usually have a pretty good pay off so I wasn’t too concerned at the quality of those, but I did wonder what shade 2 and 7 would be like. At the current time of writing this, stores aren’t allowed to keep testers to try products out on their shelves, so I couldn’t try the product out before purchasing.


As I thought, the metallic shades are beautiful, I’m really excited to wear shade 4 on my inner corner, and shade 6 as a lid colour, however I was very underwhelmed at the performance of the mattes, in particular shade 2. It’s very chalky and the fall out is quite incredible. Even with a damp brush it puts a very pale streaky colour on the lid. I tried it with a white shadow primer and flesh tone, and it was pretty washed out in colour, which is a shame, but pale pastel tones are quite hard to create.

The deeper tones, such as tone 8, and 5 worked great for the price and make lovely drop Shadow colours for underneath the eye. I didn’t like them so much for the crease as I did find again, the colour pay off wasn’t quite there to be used as a colour to define.

All swatches are applied to my arm with a clean finger, without primer.



As I have been using this palette throughout the week, I have noticed the quality of the shadow has improved, so maybe if you get past the first few layers of shadow it becomes slightly looser in the pan so it gives off more colour pay off. To be honest, still in love with the shimmers and the dark brown (Shade 8), however they still were slightly underwhelming. The eyeshadows below were applied with a Pixi Eyeshadow Base which has a light flesh tone hue as a base. 

I don’t think I would purchase this product again, purely for the fact I think the quality of the Revolution palettes are better value for money than these I heart Revolution ranges of Shadows. I’ll definitely keep this in my collection for now to use the metallics, but I doubt I’ll use the other colours apart from the ones I like, as I have other colours that perform better, such as my sleek palettes, and more premium ranges such as Sugarpills Buttercupcake, and Fenty Snapshadows.


This product was purchased with my own money and views are my own opinions.

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