L’oreal Colorista Washout Yellow Neon review

I dye my hair, a lot, if you hadn’t noticed by now! Growing up with a mother as a hairdresser, from the age of 15 have always had some sort of colour in my hair. It is kind of like a security blanket, but I don’t feel myself if my hair is brown or blonde, it has to have some splash of colour in it!
I found the Colorista Yellow Washout on an end of line clearance and was skeptical. Some yellows I have had in the past such as Crazy Colour, W7 or Directions didn’t come out very yellow, even on the lightest parts of my hair. I initially got this colour to mix it in with reds and oranges but thought why not try it on its own to create my ombre hair.

I think I paid £3 for this, but normal Colorista products retail for around £7.

So this is the condition of my hair. Slightly fragile on the ends but other than that it can hold colour very well. It is pre-lightened which the instructions do recommend, and it is lightened with Superdrugs own brand bleach (which I recommend!)


The texture of the dye was similar to Crazy colour, it’s quite runny but still workable. I did notice it stained my glove straight away.

With this I just slapped it on my hair and went over the peach parts with the dye. It enhanced the colours that were already there which saved me the time to mix up dyes and do each individual colour. I usually either do that or apply with a brush in sections but for this I sectioned up my hair and applied the colour generously from the tips to the top where I wanted less yellow. I applied to dry hair, as I find for me this grips the colour much better. I left in for around 1 hour, which is okay to do as it is a conditioning dye and doesn’t lift your hair colour or contain bleach.

And this was once I washed the colour out! This is by far the most vibrant yellow I have had. It gripped to the ends nicely and upped the vibrance of the peach and turned it into a dark orange.

Overall this colour lasted in my hair around 6 washes before looking dull. I wash my hair usually once or twice a week if needed as I find the more I wash it the less healthy it looks. I would definitely have a look into their colours if you want something quick and easy but can’t find stockists of Crazy Colour, Directions, Manic Panic or W7. I would repurchase this at full price, as it did make a nice mixer for my Clairol colours too! It also made my hair look lovely and glossy after too. Some yellows I have tried have made my hair look quite dull and like I haven’t toned my hair after a bleach but this made it look vibrant and soft.


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