ION SEI Electric Toothbrush Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by ION SEI to try out their electric toothbrush. This is a different direction to my usual posts however I do believe it is imperative to keep up good oral hygiene. After being born with no enamel on my teeth, to having a tooth growing in the middle of the roof of my mouth and having braces for 4 years to drag it to the right place, to some teeth removed for silly mistakes I’ve made in the past, all the way down to infected teeth, I’ve seen it and been through it all. So if anyone can tell you to look after your teeth, I can definitely stand up and say please do because the pain isn’t worth it.

This electric toothbrush retails at £149, this sleek and light weight toothbrush claims to help remove plaque build up, help get rid of bacteria in the mouth using an LED sensor, and you can even use the toothbrush without toothpaste.  Accessories such as additional heads can be bought for £12.99.

To find out how I got on with it, read on!
This toothbrush comes in two colours, a white and a fresh light blue colour, both of which have no design or difference in how it cleans the teeth. The size is quite compact compared to other electric toothbrushes I own, such as an Oral B one which is quite heavy due to the batteries inside. It charges via micro USB and sits in it’s own handy stand which is easy to clean by removing the clear tray making it very easy to keep clean and dirt free. The ability to charge with a micro USB is great for travel, and minimizes the cables floating around my room.

The brush itself isn’t an oscillating or rotating brush, so if you have very sensitive teeth but would like to use an electric toothbrush, this would be an ideal brush for you to use because it doesn’t harm the gums and in time, doesn’t recede the gums. I prefered to use this with toothpaste as that’s what I’m used to using, however if I did use my normal toothbrush I would quickly use this after to make sure I got in all the nooks and crannies.

One thing I will mention that I did find difficult was getting to the back of my teeth as the brush length is quite long, but this is more of a me problem than the brush. My dentist has always recommended me to use a smaller toothbrush (which is the size of a pea) to get into the backs of my teeth. For general areas, this is a good size to brush all teeth except my molars.

I did find myself going between electric toothbrushes. If I want to really deep clean my teeth, I would use my Oral B toothbrush because I am used to one that rotates so brushing with that does make my teeth feel cleaner. If you’re new to electric toothbrushes, this is a great one to invest in as it’s gentile, portable, and consistent with how it cleans your teeth. The battery life on this lasts for quite some time as well. I think while using it, I only charged it twice and used it 4/5 times a week twice a day, only needing to be charged for around 30 minutes.  I did purchase some new bristles for my boyfriend so he could try, so I have passed the baton onto him and he thoroughly enjoys using this and his tooth condition has improved a lot to the point of him commenting on how the backs of his teeth feel, and for men to be impressed about a healthcare item is rare. He has always complained toothbrushes are harsh on his gums or they feel too rough, but for him this feels like it does the job wonderfully and he uses it every day and evening before bed.


So comparing how we each enjoyed using this, I’d say if you were cautious about using electric toothbrushes that rotate and worried if they will damage your gums, I’d highly suggest investing in this. It’s well above a basic toothbrush so you will be getting value for money, especially with the charge time, design and how affordable the brush heads are. I will be sticking to my Oral B on this occasion as I do have attachments for my awkward teeth, but moving forward this is something I will buy heads for, for him as stocking fillers or additional birthday gifts because it’s made a difference to his teeth, and while using on mine it made them feel clean with a gentle wash!


Breakdown: Out of 10 

Value for money: 8/10

Does what it says on the tin: 9/10

Cleaning Power : 8/10

Packaging and style: 7/10

Consistency and workability: 8/10

Would I repurchase? I will be repurchasing heads for this brush in the future!


This post contains a product sent by Ion-Sei. I was not paid to review this product and the opinions written are strictly my own.

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