Nakin Skincare review

For about a month I have been using Nakin skincare with my other products I currently use, or just by themselves. Nakin is  a natural anti-aging skincare brand, rich with luxury skin loving oils and acids, with products for different concerns and types, which are able to be bought separately so you can customize your routine to finishes and ingredients you and your skin like.
I was kindly sent an Anti-Ageing Lip Treatment Balm,  Anti-Ageing Performance Face Serum and the Anti-Ageing Matt Formula Face Cream to try out and give you guys my thoughts and let you know if it’s worth investing.


Read below to see what I thought!

Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Matt Formula Face Cream: Link here

£20.00 GBP

Ingredients to note: Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Rosemary, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera

98% natural, free from parabens, SLES, retinol, propylene glycol and artificial colour or fragrance. Vegan & cruelty-free, which is Leaping Bunny registered. Gluten & wheat free.


When I first tried this cream, I must admit I wasn’t too impressed as I found it quite heavy and greasy on my skin. When it come to moisturizers and creams I do like a lighter feel, or more of a gel texture, which admittedly I’d more of what I’m used to. However I trusted the process and after a few days of using this my skin absorbed it much better than the first day when it left almost like a layer of thin oil on my skin. During using it I did find the dryer areas of my forehead become much softer and nourished, and using it under makeup helped smoothing foundation out easier.


I did find using this for a prolonged time, my areas I would suffer with dryness constantly have turned more normal, and areas that were dry and struggled to keep foundation on felt plump and helped prolong the foundation use. They also do a version of this cream for dry skin which after using this I’d recommend trying if your skin is normal or dry for a dewy look. This has quite a clean, herbal scent which is not too overpowering, and I didn’t find that it aggravated my skin in any way either.





Nakin lip balm: Link here

£10.00 GPB

Ingredients to note: Mint,  Baobab Oil, Shea Butter, Argan Kernel Oil.

100% natural, free from preservatives synthetic ingredients and petroleum. Cruelty free and leaping bunny certified, gluten free and wheat free and is vegetarian friendly. (contains beeswax)

This is is something I surprisingly grabbed more than my other balms. It doesn’t leave a film of heavy oil on the lips or feels claggy, but leaves your lips feeling hydrated and smooth. During using this I even used around my nose on drier areas that were chapped from having a cold which helped it heal a lot better. It contains argan oil, Shea, and mint, but it doesn’t feel tingly or have that usual mint sensation when using, which is a huge positive for me as anything that tingles or stings is a big no no, as I have sensitive skin and if it burns or itches I remove it instantly. With this, it’s also worth noting it doesn’t have any fragrance, so if you’re looking for a fragrance free option for a balm if you have dry or irritated lips, this could be a good option. It does also contain beeswax which helps keep all those nourishing ingredients in your lip. It’s beautiful to use as a pre-makeup mask for the lips and helps lip liners glide on smoother. It’s also worth noting you get 15ML of product, which for a lip balm is quite a large jar!




Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Performance Face Serum: Link here

£25.00 GBP

Ingredients to note: Hydrolysed hibiscus, Hyaluronic acid, Pomegranate, Rosemary Leaf Extract.

98% natural, free from parabens, SLES, retinol, propylene glycol and artificial colour or fragrance. Vegan & cruelty-free, which is Leaping Bunny registered. Gluten & wheat free.

The serum for me, was best used at night rather than day. I did feel that my skin adjusted to it better using my night skincare (The Ordinary Retinol/Niacinimide, Superdrug Night Creme/Ole Henriksen Vitamin C Gel Creme) due to the moisturiser being thick on the first couple of uses, however, as my skin got used to the products I could use both, and together they really help control oil on the skin! I didn’t feel as though this was a necessary step and didn’t see as much improvement as when I used the moisturiser, however if you’re looking for something that’s lighter in consistency that still works to balance the skin, this is lovely to wear in conjunction with products you’re already using for a bit of a boost. With this, it does have the same light herbal scent to accompany the moisturizer .

All in all, I really enjoyed using this skincare line and will be looking into using it in the future and purchasing some additional products, as it’s all affordable and does make a difference to your skin without any harsh chemicals or preservatives. It’s definitely a hidden gem in the independent skincare category and worth the money.  Check out the rest of their skincare line over on their website here, and if you’re looking for value sets, it would be worth looking at some pre made sets they have on offer to help narrow your search.

This post contains gifted products. All views are my own and I was not paid to create any content for this brand.

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