Funko Pop makeup?! Disney Villain collaboration!

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Branching out to appeal to new customers, Funko announced that they are collaborating with Disney to create a Villain inspired collection with a twist. Not the usual Funko figurines to be seen here, but a collectible makeup palette stylized in the famous style 3D rendering of the selected villain head. Confirmed so far are 4 Villains. Read more to see what Villains are part of this collaboration and to take a deeper look into the collection.

From what we can see, there are 4 characters with possibly more to be announced in this line. Maleficent, Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil and Ursula are classic Disney Villains, so it’s to no surprise that these are the 4 that have been announced so far.
The line has a mix of eyeshadow palettes a blusher palette and a bronzing palette, which is nice to see that all 4 sets are completely different, rather than just the same pans throughout all 4 with colours mixed around in each palette, so it encourages you to collect them all, much like the original Funko Pop line.  Each set also has a lipgloss with the chosen Villain’s head as the applicator lid.
I am intrigued to see if the liners in the set are the colours we see on the bottles which would make the sets that little bit more diverse in terms of owning the same 4 black eyeliners with different packaging.

Click this image to see a close up of what’s in each set.

Do I think this will be a success? Absolutely. Anything Disney always increases in value, especially since this will be hot property for Funko Pop collectors as well, and having these on your Instagram will certainly peak the interest of some Disney fans. I’m a little concerned on the quality of the shadows for the price, yet to be announced, and who creates these makeup items. I hope it won’t be another cheaply made private label style quality collaboration and this is something they will continue to do. Would be great to see this branch out to other brands that have a big following and see what other palettes and makeup items could come out in the future!

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