Kat Von D Dagger Liner Review

During an intimate event with Kat Von D I was kindly gifted their Dagger Liner to try out, which is a similar format to the Tattoo Liner but t an angle. I did not get on with the Tattoo Liner originally due to the applicator being a little chunky for me to apply thin lines with, so I was excited to see if this applicator worked better for me. The formula is very similar to the Tattoo Liner, so if you are a fan favourite of this cult product or like me, longed for something thinner, this might be for you!

It retails for £17 and is the same colour, Trooper Black, as the Tattoo Liner.
Read on to see how I got on with the liner!

During the event I was able to get a new bottle of the Lock It Foundation which I went up a shade and you can read my thoughts on it here which is a foundation I love to bump up the coverage of my current foundation, and is a staple for my night out makeup.

Now on to the liner! The applicator is chiselled for a more precise application of liner leaving it for people who love graphic liner or a strong cat liner. Without a form of winged liner, I tend to look like a naked mole rat so it is something that I have to do to look alive during the day.
Your typical liner in this form has a felt applicator but with the Tattoo and the Dagger liners they are fine bristles which leave you with more control to create your look. The formula is waterproof and jet black which gives you a very defined look.

It did resist temptation to move on my eye as I generally have oily lids, and worked great on top of shadows. It does require a little shake or a heavy press every now and then to get the formula out, but this is a general rule while using pen liners. While using, I did find it easier to create wings than the Trooper liner so it got a tick in that box from me!

Now, do I think it’s worth the money? In some respects, yes, as it is hard to find bristle liners and they are generally in this price point. If you find pen liners your go to, definitely invest in this and you won’t regret it. Myself, I do prefer an ink well with a brush liner and pick that up over this for quicker application, as I find that applying it does take longer as I worry I’ll make my liner too thick.

For longevity while wearing, it lasted all day, smudge proof and waterproof against my watery eyes, and it did last longer than felt pens and other brand bristle liners I have tried.

Breakdown: Out of 10 

Value for money: 7/10

Does what it says on the tin: 9/10

Staying Power on skin: 9/10

 Packaging: 8/10

Consistency and workability: 8/10

Would I repurchase? If I was after a pen liner, I would! But for now, I have my favourite liner which I will stick to for the time being.

This product was sent to me via Kat Von D and the review given is honest and non biased.

2 thoughts on “Kat Von D Dagger Liner Review

  1. Ohh Excellent post! I have tired with many eye liners but i am trusting this Von D Dagger liner and it comes with good price. Thank you so much for share this review.

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