Kaga Nails swatches and review

I have been very lucky enough to receive some Kaga gel nails to try out over the past few months, which is a UV gel polish system that is a professional quality gel formula and available from Amazon.
During my trial I tried it on bare nails, on plain press ons as well as an overlay on tips.
The bottles are luxurious, there are endless colours to choose from and are all priced according to quality, ranging from £5.48-£11.99. Colours range from deep plums, vivid yellows, golden shimmers and ethereal iridescent glitters.

Read on to see how the performed and what my final thoughts are on the Kaga range.
Heres the lowdown on what each Kaga bottle means!
The formulas are Vegan, hema, and cruelty free. As a company they have been creating gels and polishes for over 20 years and are trusted by industry professionals. They also produce everything you need to create beautiful nails, such as lamps, files and basic nail prep.

Kaga gels – £11.99.
Why this price point:
The highest quality gel in the range.
Fast curing time.
Chip resistant.
Lasts 2-3 weeks.


Love Easy – £7.99
Why this price point:

This gel is thicker, which means it requires less coats.
Easy soak off.
Lasts 14+ days.

BMG Gel: £4

Why this price point:
Thicker consistency again, which means less coats are needed.
14+ days wear.
Chip resistant.

QLZ Gel £5.99

Why this price point:
The range with the most glitters so if you love glitters go for these!
14+ day wear.
Thinner consistency so easier to work with but takes more coats.

I began by swatching all colours on some spare plastic nails I had. The one that really impressed me was the glittery pink (BMG) and glittery blue (QLZ). They were easy to apply, the glitter really sparkled more than any polish I have as some can look really dull, but these looked beautiful before and after curing.

While applying, all polishes had a lovely smooth coating to the nails, and didn’t really require more than one coat, and cured easy under my lamp. I didn’t have too much of a heat spike with them on bare nails and on plastic tips I couldn’t feel a thing.
Another thing to note, is most gels I find really sticky after curing, but with these there was only a small layer of tackiness which came off very easy with a lint free wipe.

I will suggest investing in their base and topcoat. I did find the polishes didn’t really live up to their expectations without it, and while using the base and top coats with other gels I have I saw a vast improvement in their colour payoff and wear.

So which is my favourite? Aesthetically, the bottles of the Kaga Gels are beautiful. They are something that proudly sit on my makeup display purely for how beautiful the bottle design is. For wear, I did really love wearing the QLZ, just for ease of application. I didn’t see a major difference in the lines, all wore over the 14 days, with the yellow nails above lasting just over 3 weeks. They could have lasted longer but my thumb nail tore while moving house which I’m to blame for that!

Their colours are pretty true to the website, so have a look and invest in some polishes. You can find them on Amazon, or on their own website here.

The products sent in this post were sent on condition of creating a blog post. All views are my own and I have not been paid to feature them on this website or any of my social medias.

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