Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Review

While at the Kat Von D Blogger Event I was given the opportunity to try a Lock It Foundation. This is something I had been dying to try for years as I had heard friends and bloggers online rave about the coverage and lasting power of the foundation.

The shade range available ranged from very pale to deep tones so there is definitely an option for almost everyone. If your shade is slightly off tone, you can mix the Lock It Concealers in to get your perfect shade.

Time trialled; 7 months

Shade chosen; Light Neutral 45

Cruelty free; Yes

Price; £27

Looking at the formulation, key ingredients to note include:

Water and Glycerin – hydrate the skin.

Siliconic Elastomers – to help dry the foundation to be a semi matte and long lasting.

Siliconic Ester – stops transferring onto clothing and surfaces.

Titainium Dioxide – gives a slight UVA and UVB protection to the skin.

Aluminium Starch – Anti Caking agent.

There are a lot of heavy mattifying ingredients in this foundation which on first use I can see that the combination of ingredients help give it a fuller coverage and smoother texture.


As a user of a usually lightweight, medium coverage foundation I will admit I was shocked at the feel of it on my skin, however this is purely due to the fact I’m not used to heavy liquids on my skin. So I will say if you’re not used to or do not like feeling Foundation on your face either avoid or wear it and be aware of the feeling and almost ween yourself into the feel of it.

The packaging is all beautiful and needs to have a spotlight moment. All designs and illustrations are created by Kat herself.

After around 3 hours of use, I did notice I had an oily T zone, one more than usual, however after around 5 hours of wearing it I noticed it almost self absorbed the oil over time. The trick with this foundation is definitely do not touch at all. As soon as you touch an oily area of your skin it will shift everything you touched and everything around it which highly disappointed me. The only times that this happened to me though was whenever I wore glasses. I tried it without glasses and it wore a lot better, so I recommend using a very small amount or none at all around where your glasses sit, and build the coverage up out from there to diffuse it away from the nose. I almost felt as though my skin couldn’t breathe under it for the first couple of uses so my foundation wouldn’t sit. After around 2 weeks of wear it did settle better but as soon as I wore glasses it would make everything around where my glasses sit move, this included my nose, for head and cheeks which rarely get effected with other foundations.

With setting powders I would advise a non talc formulation. I found using talc formulations made the powder cling onto the skin almost instantly regardless of drying time to the foundation on the skin.

For me, this is more of a foundation for photos, flawless full glam looks and a foundation for long wear. If you wanted an every day foundation that’s lightweight either wear and get used to the feel and apply with a sponge, mix with moisturiser, or avoid. I do have mixed reviews as I need my glasses to see and this causes me a big issue when I wear however as a night out Foundation I have no complaints at all. The more I’ve mixed this foundation into my routine the more I love it, so I highly recommend if you need something to thicken existing foundations, need to cover up but don’t wish for concealer, or just want that flawless filter free look.

Breakdown: Out of 10 

Value for money: 8/10

Does what it says on the tin: 7/10

Staying Power on skin: 6/10

 Packaging: 9/10

Consistency and workability: 7/10

Would I repurchase? I would, purely to thicken up and make other foundations last longer.

This product was sent to me via Kat Von D and the review given is honest and non biased.

All photos in this post are unedited.

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