Skincare Diaries; Month 1

I’ve vowed that this year I am going to crack on with getting my skin in tip top condition, and be a little bit less bias to the stuff I do use (mainly Pixi and Body Shop) and splash out on skincare in all shapes forms and sizes.

Now going into this I do have quite sensitive skin around my cheeks, nose areas and middle forehead. If the wrong products touch these areas I am left with burns and sore red irritated skin. So I am cautious however I am cracking on with it to see what else is out there because we won’t know unless we try will we?!

I will be doing monthly checkins of the products I use, if I’ve stuck to it, and if I’ve seen an improvement with what I’m using.


Going into this like I’ve said, my skin is quite sensitive in certain areas. I have found if something is heavily perfumed, too rich, includes alcohol, or has a silicone base my skin tends to react. Apart from that I’m pretty much ok with what I’ve tried.
You start to lose elasticity and collagen production decreases when you hit 26, so with that being said I do need to look after myself. I still wish to get ID’d buying scratch cards aged 35, and although this slightly concerns me this still happens, it means I look exceptionally well for my age, or so people seem to think!

This is my current skin stats and what it looks like:

Age: 26

My skin unedited. Please click to see closer look.

Problem areas:
Dry on upper forehead (Both sides)
Open pores
Dry on cheeks
Very oily T Zone

Acne Scarring
Scarring from blemishes
Tired undereyes
Dark circles
Pigmentation around nose, mouth, cheeks, forehead
Loss of firmness around mouth and cheeks


I am going to aim to use every day:

Face wash
Day cream
Under eye serum
Under eye cream
Night cream


Every 2-3 days:
Face exfoliator
Acid serum


Check back in a few days to see what my skin looks like after a month, and what products I used!

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