Have you tried ChloBo Jewellery?

I was approached by ChloBo in December to learn about their jewellery and have the opportunity to try one of their bracelets from their current collection.
ChloBo is a jewellery company that creates bespoke Gold, Gold plated, and Sterling Silver pieces to suit every style and current trend. They offer bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants earrings and much more. Ranging from minimalist to statement there is truly something to cater for everyone’s style.

I chose to receive the Mini Noodle Ball  Dragonfly Bracelet priced at £90 which was Gold Plated on 925 Sterling Silver, as I prefer gold jewellery and loved how small and minimal the design was.

Chlobo review

ChloBo is a UK brand started by Chloe Moss, who started creating jewellery herself and is worn by celebrities such as Ellie Goulding and Cheryl Cole. It was first stocked in Liverpool’s popular store Cricket and has even been featured in Vogue. Her inspirations for her whole line of jewellery comes from Bali and South-East Asia and her brand certainly shows her love of travelling with it’s iconography and simplistic designs and charms.

Delivery was quick and received the item 7 days after initially approached. It was extremely well packaged, bubble wrapped and presented beautifully, which is something I feel is worth mentioning especially as this is quite a costly piece. Nothing is more disheartening than receiving an item which is poorly packaged and potentially damaged.

Chlo Bo Jewellery

The quality of the bag and presentation box is again commendable. Being a bit of a design snob I loved the bag, box and overall presentation of the item I received. If I received this as a gift from a friend or my partner I’d be over the moon as the whole feel from opening the package to wearing the item felt like a slice of luxury.

About ChloBo

One thing that did concern me when ordering this piece was that it could potentially have that really cheap irritating stretchy plastic through the bracelet, you know the stuff you often see on bracelets without clasps that break within three uses? Thankfully, this had a really tough piece of pliable plastic that doesn’t stretch too much, which admittedly did feel like it would snap on first wear however the more you wear it the less you feel like it will break. The fit is snug and doesn’t catch on my skin or arm hairs which is a bonus!

Chlobo bracelets

About ChloBo Jewellery

I’ve honestly not taken this off while I’ve had it. It’s gone with every outfit I’ve worn, whether it be glam or casual. I’m so impressed and I’m happy to say this has my seal of approval and worth the money!

Why not browse some of ChloBo’s collection over on their website, and check out their full line of bracelets here.


This product was sent to me via ChloBo and the review given is honest and non biased.


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