W7 Porefection! Review

I kindly received a box of W7 goodies to try and throughout the month I’ll be writing how I got on with the products and how they slotted into my usual routine. The one I was most concerned about switching in my routine was the primer. I’m a big fan of my Iman Time Control primer, Nyx Angel Veil and Nyx Primer spray and it is hard for me to change my mind when I’m happy with something in my routine. Whenever I hear the word “Pore” in a primer, I do cringe. Silicone based primers rarely sit on my skin and I find that any primer that tries to be a dupe of Benefit’s Porefessional slides off my skin. However I’m always up for trying new things so I gave it a go.

w7 oil control primer

Retails at: £6.95

Trialled for: 1 month

The first thing I noticed is the consistency was a lot thinner than any pore primer which I was pleasantly surprised and happy at. It didn’t feel greasy or feel really silicone-y and once blended did feel smooth and melted into my skin. The colour was also completely transparent which again, is brilliant as I have found in the past thick pore minimising primers often leave an ashy tone to the skin. I tried blending it with fingers, sponge and brush and all methods didn’t effect the performance of the product. The foundation sat smoothly on my skin, and all products on top did adhere well.

benefit porefessional dupe

I took pictures of my makeup freshly applied and around 12 hours after I applied it.

w7 primer review
W7 pore minimizer review

Finishwise, the product did leave me matte and did help make my foundation matter than usual, which is something I won’t cry about as my skin is very oily in general. I did find that my powder did look a little drier than usual however nothing that a bit of blending and a spritz of Fix + could sort out, depending on how dry it looked.

w7 porefessional review

w7 porefessional dupe
I did find it helped make the foundation stay on my drier areas such as my cheeks and chin stay on a lot better and did control oil, but nothing to scream and shout about. However I did see a significant difference as a whole on how my foundation stayed on my skin. It’s certainly changed my mind about silicone based primers and trying out different products in the future! It’s safe to say this has now won a continuous place on my most used product shelf and is a primer I tend to now grab without thinking. On my more severe oil days I do tend to swap back to my Iman and Nyx primers but for now this has become my every day favourite.

Breakdown: Out of 10 

Value for money: 7/10

Does what it says on the tin: 7/10

Staying Power on skin: 7/10

 Packaging: 8/10

Consistency and workability: 8/10

Would I repurchase? Yes! Especially at that price point it’s perfect for every day without breaking the bank.

This product was sent to me via W7 and the review given is honest and non biased. 

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