Ultraflesh Rose Gold Blusher Review

While shopping in Mcarthur Glen I managed to pick up an Ultraflesh blusher. I’ve heard good things about their products in the past so I was excited to be finally able to try a product of theirs.
I picked up a rose gold blusher, which is out of my comfort zone and a colour I want to try and wear. So basically this was a kill two birds with one stone moment for me! The colour didn’t look too bright and just had enough of a shimmering glow to it that didn’t look too much for me to handle.
Ultraflesh blusher review
I paid £4.99 for this, but it does retail for around $30.

Initially it was the packaging that caught my eye and I am like a magpie for anything gold. As a whole the outer packaging and case for the product are very high quality and do reflect that of a premium brand. Added bonus is that the gold throwing star can be taken off and used as a charm or necklace! It’s great for brands to have products that have little quirky elements to them like this. Inside is a lift up plastic protective case which again, brilliant packaging, and a small brush for on the go touch ups.

Ultra flesh review


As for the colour, for me it is perfect as I love colours that are buildable. This makes it easier to build up the correct tones or colour needed to complete the look. However for a higher end blusher you do expect a little bit more of a pigment. I did notice the more I have used it the colour does get stronger so it’s as if there was a dry top layer of powder resting on the top of the product. But for me I am happy with the pigmentation as it is what I usually look for with blushes.

The sheen in the product is very subtle as well which again, is something I love as I prefer to add my own pigment or highlighter on top of my blusher. Texture wise, it’s not chalky and blends smoothly which helps seamlessly blend and builds up the colour effortlessly.

ultraflesh swatches
Blended swatch and one swipe swatch

All in all, it is a pleasant product. If it was easy to get hold of and cost a little bit less I would probably be inclined to try other colours or products. For now however, I’m happy purchasing other brands and I’ll settle for this to add a rosy glow to my face. I feel like the packaging has so been made to such a high quality I can’t say anything too badly, but

UltraFlesh blusher review

I feel as though my breakdown would be fairer if I acted as though I paid full price as I was fortunate to purchase at a low price:

Breakdown: Out of 10 

Value for money: 6/10

Does what it says on the tin: 7/10

Staying Power on skin: 7/10

 Packaging: 9/10

Consistency and workability: 7/10

Would I repurchase? Tricky. At £4.99 absolutely. I wouldn’t pay more than about £15 for it though as I could put that money towards a brand such as Nars, Laura Mercier or Illamasqua.

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