Rimmel London Colour Precise Eye Liner Review

Since working on NYX Cosmetics I’ve been keen on trying out more affordable brands and surprised with what I have found so far. I do confess, I am an absolute eyeliner hoarder. If I leave my house without eyeliner on my eyes people always ask me if I’m unwell as I don’t look myself. I am fully aware I do look like a naked mole rat without some sort of eyeliner on my eye so I do try to wear it 90% of the time.

With that said, I am always keen on trying new eyeliners out, whatever the colour, formula or application.

I picked up Rimmel’s newest eyeliner when it caught my eye in June, boasting of it’s 24 hour wear and pigmented formula.

Read on to see how I got on with it!


Price: £5.99

Time Trialled: 2 Months.

Rimmel London Colour Precise Eye Liner Review

The applicator is a standard felt tip style liner with a longer nib. It’s quite flexible and soft but not as fuzzy as other drug store felt tip pens feel. The packaging as mentioned claims to be able to be worn for up to 24 hours, have an intense colour and formula and long lasting budge proof power that is also sweat and humidity proof.

Rimmel 24hour liner review

I’d like to honestly say that all of these claims are totally a waste of time to print on the package or even read with your pupils.  This eyeliner smudges after about 15 minutes on your skin, doesn’t come out black at all, and cannot achieve a clean looking line because to get any product out you have to press down quite firmly, which my eyes do not appreciate as they are sensitive enough as it is. You can’t even successfully redraw over the line as it wipes the product from under where it’s going off.

The thicker black line on the bottom is a L’Oreal liner which I have used for about 6 months that I was throwing out. The top line is the Rimmel Colour Precise. You can see from the image that I may as well have kept the old L’Oreal liner, because it works a heck of a lot better than this 24 second eyeliner from Rimmel, which looks streaky and grey in comparison to a liner which has almost dried out.

Rimmel eyeliner review
Upper line: Rimmel Lower line: L’Oreal. One swipe each applying same pressure.

Application on the eye is no better. To get any form of colour you need to press on the larger part going into the pen rather than use the tip, then drag the tip on the product that is on your eye.

rimmel review

It’s so grey in comparison to other liners I own. I can get something from Natural Collection or Collection that works much better and has a darker pigment.

All in all, won’t repurchase and do not recommend as it doesn’t live up to the claims and you can spend your £6 on another brand which will work twice as good and live up to it’s claims. I’d try one of their other liners to see why this one doesn’t come up to standard but I’m hoping their first batch just had a faulty formula.

Breakdown: Out of 10

Value for money: 1/10

Colour Choices: 2/10

Does what it says on the tin: 0/10

Staying Power on eyes : 1/10

Packaging: 6/10

Consistency and workability: 1/10

Would I repurchase? Absolutely not.

Overall: ♥ 2/10 ♥

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