Where on earth have I been?!

I thought I’d update you all on where I have been hiding over the past few months and why my blog has kind of shrivelled up and ran into the darkest corner of the room.

I am now a BA graduate with an Art Practice degree. Woo hoo! This means I can move on to become an art teacher or free lance my art or…that’s about it. Looking back, I wish I did a more challenging course like Law, or Psychology as I probably would have paid more attention to my studies and enjoyed my university life more, however, life is full of turns and surprises and I regret nothing.

I took the plunge and changed my job. This was the biggest change for me. I live with really bad anxiety and depression, so change for me is a big thing that panics me and makes my head question my decisions. I was with Smashbox Cosmetics for 3 years and I learnt a lot of great things, but restrictions happened with regards to my blogging life that led me to want to change my job and be a little more free with my decisions outside of work. One of the main reasons why I created my blog was to help me structure my life, network with others, become more outgoing, attend events and talk to people I haven’t met before. It’s helped me grow and become more confident. I felt that when I was told I could not blog anymore a big part of me was lost. Couple of months down the line, I applied for a position on NYX cosmetics and got the job! It’s such a fast growing company and it’s so exciting to work for them. They recently took us to London to watch the Face Awards and attend the after party, which I will certainly write about in a couple of days, and that experience alone was worth changing my job for! Hopefully this decision lets me branch out to do other things like Youtube, if I can get over my horrendous accent, more tutorials and more posts on my blog and even move up the career path!

At the start of July I also moved home, it’s only a couple of streets over from where I was last year but it was so stressful this time around, hopefully I’ll be staying here for more than a year. Since moving to Cardiff I have moved every year for 6 years and every time is more and more stressful because I am the worlds worst hoarder and the amount of junk I own is insane. Who do you know who owns an original Orange pay and go black and white texting phone manual? Me. Why do I own it? God knows but I’m not in a rush to throw it out!

Moving forward this means I’m alive online again (minus Facebook because I’ve been Facebook free for almost 2 months now and it’s bizarrely great), I’m going to be more active again, and I’m going to moan about makeup working or not working more often!

Ciao for now!

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