Lime Crime Shroom and Salem swatches and review!

I bought these liquid lipsticks November, when Lime Crime had their flash sale on the Venus Palette and thought may as well try out their liquid lipsticks as well. I had been on the hunt for a brown coloured lipstick for a while so gave in, popped one in my basket and left it at that. They turned up pretty quick, around a week after my order was put in.

Lime Crime Salem and Shroom Review

Price: $20 / £14.15

(For 0.088 fl oz / 2.6ml)

Time Trialled: 4 Months.

Colours chosen: Salem and Shroom.

The consistency of these liquid lipsticks is far more runnier than any liquid lipstick I have ever had, which in a way is slightly better, as it means you use less to get even coats and is easier and smoother to apply. However, you need around 2-3 coats of product to get a good colour pay off, but that isn’t something that bothers me too much as I always like to re apply my product to make sure its on and stays on.

Lime Crime Salem and Shroom Swatches
Dried swatches of Salem and Shroom.


Applicator is standard doe foot which you get with most lipglosses or liquid lipsticks which makes it easy to apply on the go and generally easy to apply on the surface of the lip. I do recommend using a lipbrush to neaten the outline of the lips first then fill in the colour with the doe foot just to keep the colour application as neat as possible.

Lime Crime Brush Applicator SALEM


The colours I picked were Shroom and Salem, two very different shades of brown. Salem, described on Lime Crime’s website is a “True Brown” and Shroom is a “90s Brown”. I’ve swatched both all over my lips and with half of my natural lip colour showing so you can see how it compares. Both colours have been applied with one single layer.

LimeCrime Shroom Lip Swatch
Shroom Lip swatch.


Lime Crime Shroom Lip Swatch
Shroom swatch against my natural lip colour.

Shroom as a lot more orange than what I expected it to be as it looks more grey on their website swatch, but I’m glad as it goes more with my complexion and is a good nude colour without making me look too dead.

LimeCrime Salem Lip Swatch
Salem lip swatch.

Salem was more of a reddish brown / burgundy but was close enough to what I was looking for so again, wasn’t too bothered. I found this one was slightly harder to apply evenly in one coat as it’s a stronger pigment, but I think this is down to the fact I generally have high colour lips.

Lime Crime Salem Lip Swatch
Salem swatch against my natural lip colour.

They generally do last a good 4/5 hours without having to reapply, depending on what you’re doing. There can be days however where I can eat my lunch and not have to reapply, but it depends what I’m eating at the time. The good thing about these liquid lipsticks is that they don’t flake off and roll up into little irritating dry pieces on your lip after a while like cheaper brands do.

All in all, I like them and I’ll be looking into purchasing more colours. I’d definitely repurchase these two as they are my go to lip colours now and I often wear them without any make up and they won’t look over the top. I know they’ll stay on well and I know I don’t have to keep reapplying.

(Below are some comparisons to three brands, skip this part if you’re not interested.)

In comparison to lets say MUA or Makeup Revolution liquid lipsticks, they’re denser in formulation making it harder to blend and apply, because they dry pretty quick, so if you did want to do an ombre lip it would be harder to do it. I also found that the texture was lighter in consistency than MUA / MUR, and didn’t dry my lips out as quick.

In comparison to Jeffree star’s Velour liquid lipstick, consistency again is a lot thinner than his but drying time and feeling / weight felt the same to me, but colour wasn’t as strong as Jeffree Star’s.

So it depends on what consistency you like to work with.


I paid $20 at the time for each of them, which I didn’t mind as I had the pallet at the time for $19, so it weighed it evenly out. Overall, shipping was $10.95, bringing the total cost to $69.95.

Breakdown: Out of 10

Value for money: 7/10

Colour Choices: 7/10

Does what it says on the tin: 8/10

Staying Power on lips : 9/10

Packaging: 8/10

Consistency and workability: 7/10

Would I repurchase? Yep! I definitely will!

Overall: ♥ 7/10 ♥

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