Pixi Beauty H20 Skin Tint Review

After seeing this online and talking to Global Makeup Artist Amanda in store on one if my visits, I knew I had to try this product. As you know, I’ve been looking for a day time foundation to just apply quickly or to wear under powder when my skin doesn’t need a lot of coverage. To be honest, cheaper brands haven’t worked for me because the formula changes too quickly in the bottle or it feels horrible and effects my skin. So with this in mind, I went back to basics, looking at new products from brands I know and use daily.

This product is water based, so it hydrates skin and combats oil, it has coverage which is buildable and evens out the tone of skin, which is great for when I do need more than just a sheer tint, and products can be applied on top for if I want a matter look. Sounded like the product I’ve been looking for.

Pixi H2O SkinTint 02 nude review + swatches

Time Trialled: Around 6 months.

Price: £24

Colour: Nude 02.

H2o SkinTint pixi beauty 02 Nude

The product ingredients include Green tea, which is an antioxidant, rose water to moisturize the skin, and English chamomile & lavender which soothes the skin. It’s also worth mentioning it’s water resistant. You can apply with your fingers or a brush, I apply it as I would a foundation. I usually wear this without a primer as it lasts just as long as it would with. I love that this product also has a pump which helps me dispense what I need and stops air getting in the bottle!

H2O SkinTint review

Texture wise this product is gel like to the touch and is easily blendable. It doesn’t feel oily or greasy, which sometimes some oil free products can feel like. This is super light weight and almost melts into the skin texture. If you’re worries about large open pores you may want to use a skin smoothing primer before, but personally it isn’t needed because it looks really natural when blended and doesn’t really accentuate uneven textures on the skin.

Below I have applied the product two different ways. One with one layer and again with two layers for extra coverage. My skin care routine is pretty basic, I use the Pixi Glow Tonic day and night, which has improved my skin greatly since this time last year, and I use the Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful serum.

Bare skin:

Pixi Skin Tint Before (1) Pixi Skin Tint Before (2)

After 1 layer of Pixi h20 Skin Tint:

Pixi H2O SkinTint Review 1 layer (5)Pixi H2O SkinTint Review 1 layer (4)

Pixi H2O SkinTint Review 1 layer close up

You an see even on my nose, it looks just like skin!

I applied a thin layer again over my cheek where I have scars and pigmentation problems. It’s almost evened the whole skin out without me feeling like I need concealer or powder.

Pixi beauty H2o SkinTint review 2 layers

When it dries, it dries to a satin finish. It doesn’t feel tacky or chalky, it literally feels like bare skin. It’s a texture you’d have to try to actually understand what I mean.

With regards to it staying on the skin, I’d say a good 5 or 6 hours without needing reapplication. I do find on my oilier days it does tend to slip if I am wearing glasses around my nose and in between my brows, but this is expected. I just usually tap it back in place and it looks okay again.

Basically, in short, yes. You need this product in your life if you want something lightweight, not quite a foundation but will cover more than a tinted moisturiser, and something that will calm your skin. I tried wearing it under a foundation and it works lovely with keeping it hydrated and not making foundation look caked!

Breakdown: Out of 10 

Value for money: 8/10

Colour Choices: 6/10

Does what it says on the tin: Absolutely! It’s lasted a long time considering I’ve used it 3 or 4 times a week.

Staying Power on skin: 8/10

 Packaging: 8/10

Consistency and workability: 8/10

Would I repurchase? Yes, as this is my perfect every day foundation.


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