Blackhead Killer Mask review!

I was contacted by Stylelux a while back to review some products of theirs and I was sent some Blackhead Killers. The product is designed to remove impurities and any blackheads from the skin and is to be used as a treatment of 5 packets.

Blackhead Killers review

Product claims;

As Blackhead Killer dries, it actually sucks pimples, blackheads and the oil and bacteria that cause them out of your skin. It penetrates deep and then literally sucks them up and out of your skin! It also lifts away the unsightly redness that accompanies pimples and reduces any pimple scars. So your appearance improves even more – instantly! Blackhead Killer also removes dead cells from the surface of your skin. When it peels them away, it leaves your skin looking cleaner, fresher and smoother than ever!

Unfortunately the first package got lost in the post and I was sent another package without any fuss, so I must take an opportunity to applaud their customer service!

5 sachets of Blackhead Killer cost £14.95

Time trialed: Over 2 weeks, 4 packets used.

I was surprised at how this product looked and how the texture felt. It’s jet black and felt like tar. I was hesitant to apply it to my skin but I was intrigued. The packet didn’t contain any instructions on how to apply so I applied thickly on my t zone and thinly around ares that didn’t require any product. It did say to leave on for 10 minutes and I left it on for 15 ad the product didn’t set well around my t-zone due to how thickly I applied it. I would say you’d get roughly 2 uses out of 1 packet as 10ml for a single use is a lot of product!
Blackhead Killer Style lux

Blackhead Killer bloggerBlackhead Killer review

As the product set it did feel like it was tightening my skin, and did feel uncomfortable, but it was manageable. When it did come to removing the product it did hurt quite a bit more than any other pore product I have, but I expected this as this product is a lot thicker than any other one I have tried. It took me about 5 minutes to get it all off as the bits that hadn’t dried were stubborn and made a mess, but this is my error as I applied too much to certain areas. When I saw what this product removed I was shocked.

Blackhead Killer Stylelux review Blackhead Killer Stylelux before and after review

This is just from my nose, and you can clearly see it did get deep into my pores and sucked out everything that shouldn’t be there. I exfoliate twice a week so to see this it has made me re-think what use regularly as it shows it really isn’t as effective as I thought! My skin for 2 days after was super soft and it did appear less red. I did not break out after using this product.

Does this product do what it claims? Absolutely. The price may seem quite hefty but it works out at £2.99 per pack which to be fair looking at the results is good value for something that isn’t limited to one part of your face.

Breakdown: Out of 10

Value for money: 7/10

Does what it says on the tin: 7/10

Packaging: 6/10, due to lack of instructions

Consistency and workability: 6/10

Would I repurchase? Yes as my skin grosses me out and this made it gleam!

Product ingredients Blackhead Killer Stylelux

Here is the back of the packet for anyone interested in the ingredients.

This product was received as part of a blogger programme. These are my own honest views and thoughts on pre and post product usage.


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