Sk:n Clinic Treatment review; Glycolic Peel

During the Sk:n launch event in my last post, I was offered one free treatment, with the two options being a Glycolic Peel and a Microdermabrasion.

I opted for the peel, as I have quite bad scarring and uneven skin texture. I booked in for a week after the event. I didn’t know what to expect or what the outcome of the treatment would look like. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the nurse who was doing the Glycolic Peel on my skin and the receptionist. I signed paperwork and got taken into room 1 which was the skin assessment room.

A Glycolic peel removes your top layer of skin, which helps your skin produce new collagen and elastin, and helps with skin concerns such as scarring, unevenness and texture of your skin.

The cost of a treatment is £80, and it is recommended you have at least 3 – 6 treatments.


IMG_2421 IMG_2422

Louise gave me a skin diagnostic under the uv lamp, and said my skin is in great condition, as I don’t use sunbeds and make sure I use anything above SPF 15 on my face at all times. My skin has a lot of scars from blemishes, and she explained as my skin is mixed race I’m prone to scarring a lot more easily, which explains why my scars take an aeon to heal!

The treatment itself was very relaxing. I was told I may experience a slight tingle but I didn’t feel anything too drastic. It took about 15 minutes to complete, and Louise made me feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment. A gel like substance was applied to my skin using cotton then removed with water, followed by a moisturizer. My skin has ever felt softer since this treatment. I was recommended 6 treatments to get clearer skin and any questions asked were knowledgeable, detailed and explained thoroughly. Louise said that each treatment the % of glycolic acid will increase to help get deeper into the skin.


Below is how my skin looked pre and post treatment, and I have been impressed with how the scars look after 1 treatment.

before and after skn glycolic peel (1)before and after skn glycolic peel (2)before and after skn glycolic peel (3)








Before treatment.

after skin glycolic peel (1)  after skin glycolic peel (4)after skin glycolic peel (3)

3 Hours after treatment; my skin was glowing!

3 days after peel (1)3 days after peel (2)

4 days after treatment; you can see the fainter scars have dramatically changed colour.

1 week after a glycolic peel (2)1 week after a glycolic peel (1) 1 week after a glycolic peel (3)


8 days after treatment. The scarring is still fading.


I was told to continue using my glycolic exfoliator and cleanser to improve my skin further and I do feel as though it has helped my skins texture. I have found that makeup sits wonderfully on my skin after this treatment. Personally after this one treatment I’m impressed and will return for further treatments!

For prices and further information visit Sk:n’s website !


This treatment was received as part of a complimentary treatment. These are my own honest views and thoughts on pre and post treatments.


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