Lush Christmas 2014 Blogger event!

I was invited to attend Cardiff Lush’s Christmas Blogger event to see what was instore for their Christmas line and have a chance to get some information about the new products.

The night didn’t consist of demos and group activities like the last event as the products were mainly extensions of their current products, but it was still fun to have a relaxed night of shopping and seeing old and new faces.

New products in included new Bubble Bars, Bath Bombs, shower gels, body dusts, face masks, laced with shimmery glitters and gorgeous scents.

I got to the store just after 8pm and it was already full of bloggers and staff chatting away. It wasn’t like the last event where we were split into two groups and introduced to the new products and I’m assuming this is because like I said in this blog opening was the fact they are just extensions to their old products and lines just with new scents and formula tweeks.

I was amazed at how beautiful the soaps were for this Christmas, and I’m not usually amazed by soaps!

I picked up the standard must have, their beautiful candy floss-esque shower gel, Snow Fairy and picked one up for my housemate as well. They had new scents out for Christmas as well, which were So White, which had a crisp apple smell, Hot Toddy, which had a hot cinnamon type scent and brought back fan favourite Rose Jam, which is a beautiful sweet rose scented gel.

I wasn’t too keen on So White but I adored Rose Jam. I picked that up in the medium sized 250g bottle,

Upstairs they had some demos on request of their new face masks and body products which were tailored to your skin or if you were curious at the new products! They had the Santa’s lip scrub back again this year, and had snow fairy massage bars and even a snow fairy x sweetie pie tin!

Downstairs they had demos of their bubble bars, bath bombs and FUN soaps, their new bath bombs for Christmas are fantastic, one was purple and had gold stars in it which was meant to look like the northern lights as the bomb colours dispersed.

At the end of the night I decided to pick up a couple of things that interested me, and was kindly given 3 items by Lush in our bags which were a Santa Bath Bomb, A bubble bar and a small bottle of Hot Toddy, thanks Lush! I also bought a Rudolph scarf as it was too adorable to leave behind!

I purchased Rose Jam, X2 Snow Fairys, Yog Nog (Which by the way EVERYONE needs to smell it’s amazing, literally smells so good you want to eat it), Rehab shampoo and the Rudolph scarf. I did want the Christmas shower jelly as well but they didn’t have any in stock but that just means I have to take a detour and call in to the shop again on my way to the bus stop!

Thanks again Lush Cardiff for a fantastic night!


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