Lush Cardiff Summer Bloggers Event!

Last week I was lucky enough to go along and meet other bloggers in Cardiff and see some of Lush’s newest products at their Summer Bloggers Event. I was able to see some of their old products as well as their new and gain some information on lush and their products.

There was also a demonstration and samples from Penarth born tea company, Waterloo Tea.

This event covered their new Suncare line, Self Preserving products and the re-release of their Gorilla Perfume line.

I arrived at 7pm to see a few fellow bloggers there and as we waited for the rest of the troop to arrive it gave us a chance to walk around the store and take some pictures and look at the products they had. The store was lovely, clean and open with products stocked up, with signs easy enough to read so you could see exactly what the products were.

It gave me a chance to look at some of the bath bombs they had on offer. It was a while since I’d been to lush so I had a good look around and kept my eyes open for products I wanted to purchase at the end of the night…on top of the list I had in my head!

Once the other bloggers arrived it was time to start the demos. My group started downstairs at the Suncare line session. It was very imformative and we got to try old classics such as the British Nanny, which contains natural SPF and is a British exclusive. It had a very old school sun protector feel as it was very thick and the formula felt like it would block out any sun.

Other products shown included Sesame Suntan Lotion, which was a hit and miss amongst the group as the smell was very much like sesame seeds and was quite oily to the touch, which would be great for anyone who wants to catch a tan as it also has a low SPF of 10, The Sunblock, which was my favourite, which is actually a block of sun protector you can wash on in the shower, which is great if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to make sure you have protected your whole body in sun protector! It has a high SPF of 30, and is an amazing revolutionary product that I recommend anyone to get!

Two other products that deserve a mention are the Powdered Sunshine which is an SPF 15 translucent powder which is perfect to apply if you have trouble with the sun burning your scalp or want to protect your face and absorb oil on your face and body by lightly dusting the powder over yourself, and the Million Dollar Moisturiser, which was our favourite, that smelt delicious and has ingredients such as honey, that’s a natural antibacterial agent, Shea Butter, which is an amazing ingredient for hydration and once it’s rubbed into your skin it has a slight shimmery appearance to give you a summer glow.

We were given a taster of some Waterloo Tea once the demonstration had ended and tried some chilled Puerh tea which was very delicious followed by a slice of chocolate cake. Waterloo Tea started in Penarth and have just opened up a shop in Wyndham Arcade in Cardiff. They homebrew all teas and have something for everyone, and most of their cakes suit dietary needs and have recipes that include vegan, dairy and gluten free.

After having our treat we then went upstairs to talk about the newest products to the Self Preserving range. The products were lay out clearly for all to see and we were given a very informative talk about what Self Preserving meant and what the products did. Self Preserving means it has less artificial preservatives in which means it’s kinder to your skin and more natural.

We started the talk off with the Mask Of Magnaminty  which is a face and body mask that deep cleans and cools the skin so it is perfect if you suffer from acne or any spots on the skin. I was given a demonstration on my hand and the smell wasn’t too overpowering and left my skin silky smooth and not over exfoliated. Ingredients included peppermint oil, vanilla for a sweet scent and honey.  The next mask shown, Ocean Salt, had less of a scent so perfect for anyone who has allergies to strong scented products and had ingredients such as salt for a finer exfoliation, grapefruit which acts as a toner, and mango butter for a smooth finish, so this one is ideal for sensitive skins. They even do an alcohol free version!

After the demos we went further along the store to the perfume and fresh products range. We had a talk on the new Gorilla repackaging and the new fragrance.

The new packaging has a more classic feel and reminds me of Mucha’s illustrations, which could be why I’m keen on the new look!

My favourite out of all scents had to be Vanillary, which I’m sadly an absolute sucker for vanilla so this is a must have, so when I need to restock some of my lush inventory I think I’ll be back for it. It’s not as strong as The Body Shop’s fragrance which is lovely but a little overpowering at times, this is subtle in comparison.

 We then go to go back around the shop pick up our favourites and more from the night then say our goodbyes.

We each got to take home a pot of either Magnaminty or Ocean Salt and one product from the suncare line, which was a lovely end to the night as I didn’t expect a full sized product let alone two to try! So expect reviews when I’ve trialled the products.

I picked up Big, Whoosh, I Love Juicy, The Godmother & Rock Star bundled together as Sweet Soap of Mine, and selected Magnaminty and The Sunblock as my two products. We also had a bag of Waterloo Tea to try!

Thank you for making us feel welcome and for the surprise products at the end of the night and hope you enjoyed our company for the night and other bloggers felt as welcome as I did entering your store.

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