Bblogger event for Smashbox Ojon and DKNY Fragrances !

 This month I was invited to view the newest products from Smashbox Cosmetics, Michael Kors, Ojon, DKNY and Marni fragrances. It was exciting to see what all the brands had to offer this season.

There were two other bloggers invited along to the session I attended, Cowbiscuits and Aliceinalookingglass, so you should check their blogs out too!


Sporty, Sexy and Glam collections from Michael Kors.

We were shown the three collections from Michael Kors, Sporty, which is more of a daytime look and scent, Sexy, which is for a mid day vibe, and Glam which is your nightime feeling! The colours were fantastic, lipsticks were smooth and really described how the collections were themed. The bronzer sizes were humongous, I could not believe the size of them! The colours were subtle and added a lovely sheen to your tan! The collections each had a bronzer, lipstick, two nail polishes, lip gloss and scent.


On offer was also a self tan by MK, an after sun lip balm which contained SPF, body dry oil which smelled heavenly, and body lotions!

Next came products I was very familiar with, as I am a makeup artist at the Cardiff Queen Street branch Smashbox, so I see Ojon Bumble and Smashbox products on a weekly basis. It was nice hearing information about the products so it was almost like a second training for me which I really appreciated!

We were shown the oils by Ojon which replenish the oils lost in the hair, which also de-frizzes hair and protects it. Yellow is for a lightweight texture or thin hair, Blue is for medium thickness hair and to replenish moisture, and Red is for coarse hair or someone who would like a lot of moisture put back into their hair.

We were also introduced to Co-Washing, which is a massive hit in america. Washing your hair can be damaging and over stimulate the oils in your scalp, so co-washing is an inbetween wash. The Ojon one is described as a conditioning clenser, which reduces breakage, absorbs excess sebum and contains Ojon oil, so it protects hair as well. I’m very interested to try it so it will be a possible purchase for me in the future!


The Ojon Nut, the main ingredient in the Ojon products was found on an island after the creator of Ojon products questioned the villagers on their beautiful hair and how it stayed amazing in a rain forest climate!



We were shown some of smashbox’ products, including beauty bloggers favourite Full Exposure pallet, the Stay Sharp eyeliners and some new products which are yet to launch, which are the 24hr stay eyeshadow primer, waterproof Full Exposure mascara, and the new telephoto 3 way brush!

Smashbox Cosmetics is a photography based brand created by the Great Grandsons of Max Factor, and is also MAC’s sister brand! The products can withstand conditions such as Air conditioning, most are sweat proof and water proof, have anti flashback, and contain skin treatments so as you’re wearing the products & looking gorgeous, your skin gets a little pamper!

The Full exposure pallet is a great item that everyone should own, as it contains pink, beige and gold shades, aswell as browns and blacks to create smokey eye looks. It also comes with a half size of their best selling mascara, the Full Exposure mascara, which is AMAZING.  The colours are super pigmented and can be used wet or dry.

We were then shown the Stay Sharp eyeliners, which are automatic eyeliners which stay sharp. In the cap is a nifty little nib reshaper, so every time you twist the cap, the pencil stays sharp! They’re also smudge proof, sweat proof and water proof and can be used in the water line.

Included in the demo was the Telephoto duo fiber brush. I am so excited to get my hands on one of these when its released, as it’s three brushes in one. The nozzle twists creating a firm, medium and loose brush, so it takes up less room in your makeup bag. It can also be used for powder and liquid products!

Other products shows were the 24 hour lid primer, which felt smooth, absolutely translucent which is perfect for any skin tone and picked up the colours from the full exposure pallet really well, so I’m excited to put that to the test, The BB under eye concealer which is a concealer and eye treatment which contains SPF15 and the water proof version of the Full Exposure mascara which is something I’m very happy that it’s finally being released, especially coming into the summer season!


We ended the showcase with some fragrances, which included the new DKNY limited edition mens and women’s fragrances. The women’s has Grapefruit, Lantana Leaf, Pear, White Magnolia, Linden Blossom and Water Lily. It smelled very clean and fresh with a little citrus twist.

The mens DKNY includes Kaffir Lime, Coriander, Bamboo Leaf, Geranium, Mastic and Lavandin. It was the perfect man scent, which in time I’ll probably purchase for my other half!

Then I was introduced to Marni, which I have never heard of but will be keeping an eye on! They smelt BEAUTIFUL, especially the Marni Rose. I’m an absolute sucker for rose scented products, it included bitter almond, rose, violet, cedar wood and musk, to name a few.

I was sent a pack of Michael Kors products to review, so look out for that next week, I’m test driving the nail polish and it’s really impressive!


I really enjoyed my experience at this event, it was really relaxing and we got to test drive some of the newest products these brands had to offer. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on these and possibly purchasing a few in the future!

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